what bottoms are for

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This is another all time classic video. It is a spanking video made by Blushes in the seventies I believe. I had numerous member requests for this one so I uploaded it to the site 

The story is about two naughty girls who are sent to their Uncle for a weekend of discipline. The girls and his maid are punished properly in the course of this classic masterpiece. The maid is spanked, given the ruler and caned and the girls are spanked, humiliated, and given the cane and ruler

spanked brownies

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This is another great little schoolgirl classic. 2 naughty girls dress up as brownies and go door to door and sell cookies. They are caught and the Headmistress makes sure they will never do it again by means of a good spanking, a dose of the paddle and a sound caning on their bare bottoms

karen's Punishment

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This video is the follow up on Spanked Brownies. When our Headmistress heroine, after a hard day spanking brownies, returns home, She finds her houseguest Karen has been drinking and making a mess in the kitchen. karen is taken across her knee and spanked soundly followed by a dose of the trusted old slipper

soundly spanked

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This Nuwest video is one of the longest and soundest spankings EVER recorded on video. A black girl gets a solid spanking which lasts around 20 minutes. Well worth seeing spankfans

You can order their videos from www.nu-westleda.com  
I highly recomend them. You can never go wrong with Nu West