The Strict governess

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This is a video about a very disobedient teen girl who has driven her parents to despair. 
The help of a very strict Governess Miss Brown is called in and She disciplines Tracy severely. She gets spanked, tawsed and caned in this classic English discipline video. A great F/F video spankfans

NAughty Wife Spanked

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This is a video about domestic discipline. A naughty wife runs up a very high phonebill
and hubby finds out. When he sees the bill, he confronts her with it and proceeds to SOUNDLY spank her :)

The English student

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A naughty British exchange student is summoned to the Headmasters house for some well deserved private discipline. She is spanked OTK and receives the strap and a good lashing with the cane

wendy and the headmistress

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Daddy is called to the headmistresses office at Wendy's school. Her behavior is discussed and both feel that Wendy would benefit from some old fashioned discipline. She is bent over the desk and gets a good dose of the hairbrush and a good caning that leaves Wendy a very contrite young Lady. Schoolgirl discipline at its best

knicker inspection

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This is a schoolgirl video where 2 naughty schoolgirls get spanked, tawsed and caned for having dirty knickers. Schoolgirl spanking at its best

bathroom spankings

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Two naughty girls are caught drinking wine in the bath by there strict Stepmommy. They are spanked soundly on their wet bottoms in the bath

the french maid

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A french maid meets her new employer. She loses a spoon on the first day and is soundly spanked and thrashed with a cane. F/F spanking at its best