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Ann Bowman is a wonderfull disciplinarian who has been spanking and disciplining for Nuwest for years. In this video she disciplines Michelle SEVERELY with hand, hairbrush, strap,riding crop and the cane

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I highly recomend them. You can never go wrong with Nu West

the barbeque

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The story is of a naughty girl who had two hours to prepare lunch with the barbeque for her boyfriend Roger. He returns from his hike and finds no lunch.

Time for a smack bottom!

 finishing school 2

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This is the second finishing school video. 2 girls, a prefect and a junior schoolgirl are sent to Miss Killjoy for punishment

They are both spanked soundly, tawsed, paddled and offcourse caned

Another great schoolgirl video!

victorian discipline

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This is a period piece featuring the daughter Florence and the young maids Rose and Miss Grishaw. The Governess of the house is very strict and spanks Florence for horseriding with the stableboy. She is spanked and paddled and thrashed properly. Rose is also punished severely for covering up for Florence. The caretaker thrashes Miss Grishaw.

A great little video if you love strict Victorian discipline