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double date disaster 

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In the first scene we see the older sister spank and paddle an actress Lana Black (played by the well known actress Greta Karlson) for being difficult as a flashback 13 years ago

In the second scene Alexis, the older sister, spanks and slippers her younger sister before their daughters come home because she has been a spoiled brat all her life

And in scene 3 the two daughters are spanked soundly by hand and hairbrush by both Moms

punished for playing truant

 the complete video uploaded

This video is about 3 naughty schoolfriends who play truant but are caught outside the pub by the Headmistress. They are driven back to school and their bottoms pay the price

They are each spanked, paddled and caned soundly!

Another great schoolgirl video in true British tradition

a caning for miss granger

 the complete video uploaded

Miss Granger is in hot water with her boss. Due to her slapshot work, the firm has lost an important contract. Miss Granger confesses that she was caned on her bare bottom by a 
Nun while at Convent school. Now she must re-live that embarrasing and painfull
punishment in order to save her job.She is spanked, strapped and soundly caned

dr. stenson and the student nurse

the complete video uploaded

Nurse Borderdom has been neglecting her duties and flirting with the male doctors

Dr.Stenson decides that she needs discipline and as he was the headboy at his old school, he decides that she needs corporal punishment. Nurse Borderdom
reluctantly agrees and He spanks, paddles and canes her soundly